TOTAL MAINTENANCE PRO, is a premier landscaping company in New Jersey. We are a fully licensed and insured for all your property needs.  We are experts in Planting Aesthetics,  Drainage Solutions,  and Commercial Maintenance. We provide design consultations to meet all your needs. At TOTAL MAINTENANCE PRO, we understand that any type of landscaping service is a major decision and we’re more than happy to provide an initial consultation at your property free of charge.  We are extremely reliable, detail oriented and we strive for excellence on any project that we undertake. We have long-term relationships with the Townships & Municipalities that we work with, and can streamline all of the processes of permits to finish projects on time and within your budget. To get started, simply call TOTAL MAINTENANCE PRO today to schedule a free consultation.


As a landscaping company who specializes in planting, we can bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to any landscaping project.  <<more>>
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Improper yard drainage can be one of the most frustrating outdoor issues a homeowner has to deal with that can impact your entire property. <<more>>
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Maintaining the landscape of your commercial properties is vital to making a robust first impression with customers, tenants, and employees. <<more>>
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There are so many issues that can occur when your yard isn’t draining properly. Over the years, we’ve seen them all—from the minor, frustrating problems to the costly and serious challenges. Here are some of the most common issues we’ve seen as a result of improper yard drainage.  We see mower ruts, muddy tracks, plant bed erosion, hardscaping floods, and pooling water, unusable yards and water in the basement. We have also experienced water flooding pools and tennis courts. The appropriate drainage solution for a property will depend on several factors, such as the extent of the drainage problem, the topography of the property, and the budget available for the project. Consulting with our professional team can help to determine the most effective solution for any particular property. There are several drainage solutions that can be implemented to prevent or address these issues. They include french drains, swales, grading, retaining walls, rain gardens, and sump pumps.

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  • Meet & Agree
  • Ideas & Concepts
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

Our priority at this stage is to gather as much information as possible so we have a full understanding of what you may be looking for, including your desired goals and outcomes.   From there, we help you establish a rough budget to maximize every dollar and avoid offering solutions that fail to align with your desired price point.

Once we have all the information we need, we’ll schedule an appointment to come meet with you. During this appointment, we’ll work to learn your style, gather your ideas and start to map out a plan and concept to help you achieve your goals.

Our experts will put together a rendering of your new landscaping based on the style choices and plan you want mapped out. These renderings are detailed and include information regarding what types of materials are being used, the type of plants, and other elements like hardscape ideas that are incorporated into the design.

At this point we will roll up our sleeves and  plant trees, shrubs, flowers, and other vegetation according to the design plan. We may also install hardscaping features such as paths, patios, retaining walls, and water features.

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