Commercial and Residential Landscaping

The site design is where a property’s transformation really begins, so it is so important to make sure  you hire the company that is is experienced to handle large scale jobs. Many times, a new job will require a whole site overhaul in order for the new plan to come to fruition. At Total Maintenance Pro, we have our own fleet of equipment at our disposal to efficiently complete the task. Our experienced staff is well equipped to handle any grade or site changes necessary. 

Total Maintenance Pro has grown and expanded over the last few years allowing us to invest in all state of the art materials and equipment needed to handle large scale jobs.  From large scale residential designs to expansive commercial projects and complete backyard makeovers, we are able to cover all challenges with ease and agility. There is a certain quality of excellence you want from your landscape design company and we aim to always turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Patios, Steps, Walkways and Retaining Walls

Patios with Attitude

Tired of the old look of your patio?  Let Total Maintenance Pro spruce it up.  Giving a face-lift to patios and outdoor living areas is one of most popular services in today's landscape design.   These spaces are designed and created to fit into any size space, any style preference and work within your budget. We specialize in the design, installation and maintenance services needed for spectacular outdoor living spaces in NJ.  

Steps and Walkways out of the Ordinary

Steps and walkways are important features for the entire look of your landscape design.  The professional staff of Total Maintenance Pro can turn the ho hum into distinctive, eye catching designs.

Retaining Walls

Not all walls are created equal.  Let Total Maintenance Pro add some pizzazz to your boring retaining walls.  Put the wow factor to work in your landscape design.

Plantings, Including Trees, Shrubs and Perennial Gardens

Beautify your Garden

Nothing says Spring like fresh plantings.

Add Shade Trees

Shade, shade and more shade.  Add a soothing oasis to your landscape design.

Shrubs add character

Shrubs can add privacy as well as serve as a natural barrier to section off your landscape design.

Perennials add Color

Let your landscape burst forth with vibrant colors.  

Irrigation Systems

We can customize any irrigation system to fit the needs of the landscape design.