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Basking Ridge Outdoor Lighting


Landscaping for Basking Ridge, Bridgewater, Warren, 
Bernardsville, Chatham, Mendham and Chester.

We also serve Somerset with commercial landscaping only.


Taking the ordinary to the extraordinary. Let’s get started!

 Lighting Speaks Volumes


Picture yourself on a cool evening, sitting in your chaise lounge in your garden, relaxed and at peace, with a warm glow all around you. The glow is from the distinctive landscape lighting which was installed by Total Maintenance Pro.  The light brings into view forms and shapes which you never noticed during the day. Rocks take on a new face; you see your plants and flowers from a wonderful new perspective. Your home takes on a look that you’ve only seen in magazines.

Outdoor lighting today can be as creative, versatile, and functional as it is indoors. Whether it be ambient lighting, ornamental lighting, or whatever else you can dream up. Your imagination is the limit, and we are here to help design and install it.



Our professionals can install any type of lighting, from the new low-voltage systems to direct-line setups, with timers, sensors, and remote controls. Lighting can be installed at any time, but to ensure minimum disruption to your gardens, we suggest you consider it when planning your design.  We know your landscape design coupled with special lighting will definitely take the ordinary to the extraordinary.



Maintenance and Repairs

Does your current outdoor lighting need an upgrade or repair work?
In addition to installation, we can meet the needs of enhancing or repairing your current system. One way is replacing your halogen bulbs with energy efficient LED bulbs. This will provide energy savings and save you money on your electric bill. Another benefit is LED bulbs that last longer and only need to be replaced approximately every two years.


We will be happy to discuss all of the possibilities to enhance your landscape with beautiful outdoor lighting. Simply contact us here or give us a call at 908-393-9216. We look forward to talking to you and sharing our ideas!



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